Just Another Mother's Day Post

Don't worry. This IS just another Mother's Day post. 
You've probably already read about 9 of them... at the most? 

Words of confirmation for your journey, 
of your long days but fast weeks, 
for your difficult nights and joyful moments to say the least. 

Oh friend, please bare with me for a moment.
The words I have written are possibly potent. 

You won't have a "mom-crush" on me because I'm going to speak to all of our reality.

Motherhood is tough enough, so forgive me if I could disregard your judgement.
I mean clearly I'm not bothered one moment,
for my daughter plays with empty pill bottles and Tylenol syringes, 
she quickly passes up on all of the dolls we've been given.

But dare I ask - 
Are our children's accomplishments defining us as mothers? 
Are we posting "She slept through the night!" for the approval of others?
While the night before last was a battle ground with tears and diapers; 
frustration accompanied with noise makers and rockers.
Are we sharing insta-lies or making faKebook-dreams, 
just laughing off the truth in those chaotic motherhood memes?

Have we lost sight of who we are,
who we are meant to be?
A child of the King becomes a sense of absurdity
when we degrade it to enhance our unrighteous priority - 
of being the perfect mother, in a race of outdoing one another.

Everyone stop.
A round-of-applause.
She smiled at just the right moment.
Please like and compose your coveted comment,
While I gleam on what you didn't see,
yes there were 82 photos before I was pleased.

So to the mothers, like me, who have lost a sense of who they are,
don't worry you haven't wandered very far.
Put down your phone and pick up your bible, 
for in it you will find affirmation without rival. 

Yes this is for you,
The working mom,
the step-mom.
The stay at home mother.
The one who's adopted, 
or the grandma parenting because there is no other option.

There is a love unfolding and he is waiting for you to know
his glorious presence that will make you glow. 
Oh! There is someone who loves you dearly, 
he is who designed and defined your journey.
I love that he applauds you and crowns you with jewels that are not earthly. 

So leave behind expectations for this mother's day, 
or you will personally invite disappointment your way.

Put down the pursuit for the perfect photograph,
and soak in those around you who are physically walking in your path.

Finally let me remind you what I said up above,
Sweet mother, dear friend, I'll remind you again and again...
There is a God who won't fail you because He is perfect love.