Teaching Took so Much Out of Me...

Teaching took so much out of me. I poured five years into my education, and have spent the last four pouring more of myself into the education of children. Teaching has drained me.

It has drained me of self-centeredness.
It has exhausted me of perfectionism.
It has sapped out all the impatience.
It has depleted me of pessimism.
It has confiscated all of my contempt.


It has filled me with compassion.
It has consumed me with creativity.
It has immersed me in patience.
It has fascinated me with enthusiasm.
It has captivated me with love.

This past month I turned in my resignation.  "I will be taking on the position as a stay-at-home mother next year, with a due date and a possible adoption court date both set for October" I wrote in the letter. Oh, my letter was not filled with anger like so many I've seen floating around the internet. Teaching is a passion in my heart, a passion to work with children, to see them grow, to see them exceed their own expectations and expectations of others. "It has been a pleasure working... one of the highlights of my career was building the relationships with my students and guiding them in advocating for their needs, academically and personally. Floresville Middle School has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a person and a teacher."

Yet, it wasn't just Floresville Middle School.  It was Clear Spring Elementary and Camelot Elementary as well. It was the years of student teaching, the years of summer camps. My heart is meant to be a teacher, but just because in June I will no longer have the official job as a teacher it does not mean my heart will cease to jump for opportunities to help children grow.

Thank you to all of my co-workers over the years. I learned so much from each of you. I learned how to be passionate, how to expect more, how to not care how dorky I look, and how to advocate for chidren's needs.

 Thank you to all of my students who have brought so much joy to my life.  You strive to do your best, to be confident, and caring, and seek out opportunities to learn! You have shown the world you are smarter and more capable than they will ever know.

When we conquered the fear of the SLIDE! You were so proud!

Oh, my class of all boys and one girl. Y'all taught me so much about patience.

The time you did this workbook all on your own!

When you brought me a flower. My sweet little A.

When you came to us in October not knowing how to write.
My sweet "A" you taught me more than you learned that year.