When God Blows Your Mind

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when God shows up and just blows your mind. 


It came in a vision, a dream, at three in the midst of the night
Oh, that early morning.
I could not sleep, remove these thoughts and return to a dream
Tell her, for I told you
speak the truth in obedience, no fear is in you.

So I jumped on the phone
"God told me you're going to Greece!"
Trust fully in him
He wants to provide
without your hand thinking it has to guide.
Don't do anything, trust fully in that, too.
He wants to be the one who takes care
of you.

So in a secret group
This news was shared about you.
I'm EXCITED to share
so many people wanted to support you.

Our goal was $970 by April 2nd.

God began to move his hand,
laying amounts on peoples hearts
encouraging them to pull out their pen.

The letters came in the mail,
in person,
via paypal.

The $970 was met.
God led the way there.

Then we sat in front of you,
and you shared your heart with us.
They changed the amount to $1200
and the due date to April 12th.

Tears came to your eyes as you shared that not a dime
had been raised to this date,
but you're planning to wait.

To wait on our LORD who is faithful to provide.
Yet doubt still lingers
hard to dismiss
that all the years before you had a hand in this.

Then we handed you the envelope,
deep breaths and tears.
You read that pink note
then He shattered all your fears!

He had provided $1225! 
A goal we did not
even know was alive!

He blew past our hearts
to explode our minds.
He LOVES you!
He is your PORTION!
He wrapped you in his arms!

Humbly we stood in awe,
because we did not know.
None of this can be pinned
on us.
Just obedience
and of course

My sweet friend,
you are SO loved!