Smiles + Laughs

 An early and eager wake up call told us you were ours!
It was my first full day of 27, and you were officially the best birthday present ever!
I ran to the bedroom to tell your daddy,

"Are you serious!" wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Joy was spreading through my veins, a joy that was filled with anticipation, longing, and hope!

"I'm so nervous, I'm going back to bed." My giggles came out of my mouth and we wrapped each other in a hug, then I was out the door to crossfit.
That day we found out that you were the size of sawdust! So tiny and just a group of cells. You did not yet resemble a human, but we knew we had prayed so long for you!
 My birthday weekend in Austin was nothing but smiles and laughs. We were in shock, our future did consist of us being a mommy and a daddy. After a season of heartbreak and longing for this to be our story, you were there -- in my belly, in the making!
 Not long after 6 weeks, I began having the oddest cravings.
Yes, you see this right. Funyuns + Chocolate Milk!
Pickles and Swiss Cheese...
Then your mommy and daddy were able to see you for the first time. That was so fun. No, we did not cry, but our hearts and eyes lit up. Your dad did not even say a word (except when he thought your umbilical cord meant you were a boy!) Haha!
All you wanted to do was face us and wave those little hands around. Your heart was beating so rapidly and we loved watching it work. You are so alive, being knit together day-by-day into the child we will one day hold in our arms.
 We were able to tell your Great-Grandad before he passed away in February. I ran up to him and whispered it in his ear, just hours before he met Jesus.
We told your Great-Great-Grandma before she left to be with our Lord in March.
We told your Great-Nana, Great-Granny, and Great-Grandma with pure excitement!
Then baby-bear... we couldn't hold our secret any longer, and let everyone else know we are a family of three!