Already Deeply Loved

150 BPM.
That's the sound you made when we first saw you.
A little baby cuddled up in the corner. We could see your heart fluttering quickly and ever so strongly.

We had just found out about you not even two weeks earlier.

Your daddy and I were sitting at home when nausea overcame me for the 5th night in a row. I felt horrible and just wanted to crawl into a ball grasping for life on the side of the toilet.  Regardless I went to Wal-Mart, bought a test and a nice pink bottle of stomach gold.  Returning home, I took the test, saw the answer and responded to your dad's sweet inquisition on the result with a lie, "No" then crawled into bed.

The next morning, I rushed to take the second test.
Same result: "PREGNANT"

Tears began to fall down my eyes.
I could not believe this miracle, this feeling, this excitement mixed with nerves.

I did not rush in to tell your daddy, I wanted to do something sweet for him. So when your sister, Isabella, awoke we ran to the store found a shirt that said "Big Sis" and figured that would be the best way to surprise him. Unfortunately, the writing on the shirt was in a funny design and daddy did not know what it said, so I had Bella hand him the Pee-Stick. The thrill overtook him, too.

Not much later, bright and early on September 28th, Daddy, Bella, and myself saw you for the very first time. You were already different than Isabella. When we saw her she was face first waving at us, you were tucked away, nice and cuddled... a completely different angle and I loved it! The doctor was thrilled, "Strong heartbeat and very healthy. Congratulations!"

September 30th we told your grandparents right after Isabella's 1st birthday party!  At that point you were nine weeks and 6 days. Nine sweet weeks you had already been in the making.

We are going to be a family of four!

You, my dear, have created a completely different pregnancy experience so far!

With you all I crave is chicken, Italian food, black olives, and avocados.
[With your sister I couldn't even be around the thought of eating meat, but all I craved were breakfast tacos and enchiladas].

I simply cannot have sugar or anything sweet, even certain types of dairy can make me extremely sick. Oh, and I don't like the thought of eating Mexican food - YUCK!
[With Isabella, I really enjoyed mexican food, sweets, & yogurt.]

I can already feel you move (maybe it is a second child thing), but you love to flutter around, especially during my naps. The first time I felt your squirm was week 14 [I didn't notice your sister until week 21?], so this is definitely a lot of fun!

We cannot wait to meet you sweet baby, to hold you in our arms, to kiss your little cheeks. Just the thought of hearing you laugh with your sister brings tears to my eyes. You are so completely, fully, and already deeply loved.

Oh and by the way this is your introduction to the social-networking world, so congratulations!

[Due: April 28 - May 6th, yup it's a due week. Currently 15 weeks 3 days - 16 weeks 4 days HAHA!]